Bok på Veitvet 

Category: Identity & Web Design
Date: December 2014
Client: Bok på Veitvet

Brand identity and website designed for an "open source" library located at Veitvet Senter. The open library is based on trust and self-organizing tools. The project responds to the fact that many local communities, like Veitvet, has lost a non-commercial and cross-cultural meeting hub, after the local library was closed down. They've started collecting books from locals and other enthusiast.

Take a look at the website here.

Open and accessible library for all

The new logo itself is a composite version of an open door, representing the values welcoming, inclusive, open and accessible. The pictogram in the logo is put in perspective so it may look like one goes inward in a room. An open- and browsed book that symbols that its an open library, literature and community. In addition, it has a frame that represents cultural diversity.

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