Contra Magazine 

Category: Editorial Design
Date: April 2014
Client: School project, Westerdals

Contra Magazine is printed magazine about digital publishing and the future of editorial design. They have existed for many years, but it's no secret that print medias have seen better days. Technology is pushing beyond paper itself, with tablet magazines as the latest frontier. This means that digital publishing is slowly, but surely taking over the market.

Scrollbar page navigation

More magazine audience will move to electronic formats and adapting to new technologies to consume their favorite content. They will be given access to many capabilities, adding a whole new dynamic to the magazine experience. I wanted to tranform the power of digital media into print and find a way to create interactive print solutions to the magazine. Based on a flipbook animation idea, I made a scrollbar page navigation.

Tutorial guide

You can also find a tutorial guide with 9 steps to create a magazine on digital surface. By using InDesign enhanced with Mag+ plugin you can create your own iPad Magazine.

Glow in the dark

Another interactive feature on the magazine is that it got a waterproof PVC photo paper, making the frontpage cover glow in the dark. The idea here was to adapt the light as we can see on the front of a laptop.

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