Reminis Demenslandsby

Category: Identity & Web Design
Date: Spring 2015
Client: Reminis Demenslandsby

The purpose of my bachelor´s thesis at Westerdals was to promote and brand dementia villages in Norway. This by developing a conceptual design solution and overall visual identity for «Reminis», which provide services in health and welfare. The aim was to improve an important global health issue through the dissemination of message, information and knowledge that is essential by using graphic elements that create an effect and make people react. 

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Binds the parts together

The starting point in my design process was to compare dementia to pieces of something – which is where the puzzle theme enters. Dementia is like a puzzle or pieces, you must put it together to come to a solution or form a picture of something. This portrays dementia in a simple way. A special typeface has been designed specifically for Reminis logo and signage. The typeface focuses on the piece that is missing in those with dementia, but that the dementia village binds the parts together.

The logo symbol itself represents a network that binds dementia sufferers together and forming a hub. A dementia friendly society where they can share different lifestyle, interests that create unity and community.

A new beginning

The color scheme of Reminis consists of gradients with two colors to commemorate a sunrise. Sunrise is the symbol for a new beginning. The sunrise is the beginning of a new day and each day offers a chance to start over.

Additionally, the colors gives a distinctive atmosphere of freedom, intimacy and calmness. The colors also express Scandinavian landscape and Nordic light, giving Reminis a strong Nordic identity which differentiates Reminis as a distinct player on the market.

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